March 6, 2009


It's been an exciting week in several ways and watching my Flames trounce Philly with the 2 new trade deadline additions in the line up, was icing on the cake last night. A couple of other things this week too, including a cheque for sales of my West Coast Trail book in the U.S. of A. which surprised me since I really haven't launched any promotion yet. On that note, I decided to submit a series of articles to Ezine, the largest online magazine and I learned this morning that they have been accepted and will start appearing next week. The topic: The West Coast Trail and how to get prepared for it. Once again, speaking of the West Coast Trail, my weight loss program seems to be working quite well and I am now down to the same weight I was when we completed the WCT. Consequently, I was forced to buy a new pair of pants last night since I was looking like some sort of food deprived refugee, from the back side anyway.
I've managed to complete and submit one of the three tax returns that I do each year - my son's and after "the girl's," will finally be able to start on my own. It seems to get more complicated every year so thank goodness for the software packages that are now available. Some of you may know that I have entered into a fairly intensive learning program regarding Internet marketing that is going well and in these uncertain economic times, continues to offer an interesting alternative source of income - there's a link to the right of this page, if you are interested. If all goes well and I can put a little extra time into it, I hope to create my own online webpage and promotion for my second book, which anyone will be able to simply download onto their own computer and print out. I know it can be done, I just need to learn how to do it, because that's the mission, rather than have someone else do it for me.
Our annual Legacy midget hockey tournament is full and begins in 3 weeks with 16 teams from all over Western Canada and Switzerland. We have in the past few years, left for Hawaii shortly after the tournament but this year, with 2 out of town weddings to attend and a fair amount of company expected here, will go to Kelowna for the wine festival instead - my diet may get challenged that week! I haven't thrown away the baggy-ass Dockers just in case...

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