March 13, 2009


Ah yes, the learning curve and going back to correct mistakes. It takes time to understand and become familiar with new technology and sometimes we have to go backwards in order to move ahead. I have been submitting articles to Ezine regarding how to get ready to hike the West Coast Trail and 2 have been published and 8 more are in the can. Last night I was reviewing those articles along with the recent ones and realized I had made some errors with the coding. Consequently, I pulled all of them, corrected them and resubmitted them. This accounts for the message on the Ezine widget on this page stating that there are no articles by yours truly. I'm sure they will all make it in the next few days along with 2 new ones.
It's a little like life isn't it? We proceed with a course of action, make decisions based on information at hand and then discover some new facts and occasionally get the opportunity for a "do over." I can see the sun peaking out from behind the clouds so maybe the analogy of a "mulligan" would be a better one. Anyway, you get the idea - coming soon to a screen near you - more Ezine articles for your reading pleasure.

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