March 5, 2009


I know that recent converts to anything can be a pain in the a** and I am no exception. I recently found the life altering aspects of healthy eating and daily fitness and am now apparently using this pulpit to offer information that may be valuable to you.

Sitting at the Office Desk All Day Creates a Big Fat Problem; Diabetes Research
The Press


Try not to panic, but the simple act of sitting has just become dangerous.
Not even 30 minutes at the gym can halt the bloating waistlines of sedentary office workers, new research shows.
The Australian study, which will appear in the April issue of Diabetes Care, says damage caused by prolonged sitting could increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
However, occasional standing, with a bit of pacing thrown in, will fight the fat.
The study measured the intensity of physical activity in 168 subjects over seven days.
It showed that, regardless of the amount of moderate-to- vigorous exercise, those who took more breaks from sitting had smaller waistlines, lower body mass indexes and lower levels of glucose in the blood.
Researchers said the results proved there were benefits in regularly interrupting sitting time.
Christchurch fitness instructor Bevan Eyles said workers who were chained to their desks should stand while making phone calls, sit on a swiss ball instead of a chair, or remind themselves to sit up straight.
He suggested putting a coloured dot on the computer as a reminder to improve posture or setting a timer to send you on a lap of the office every hour.
Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions business manager Chris Andrew said office planners were increasingly installing "sit-to-stand" work stations which could be used as workers felt the need to move.
"Humans were never designed to sit for eight hours a day," Andrew said.
"It creates a risk of permanent discomfort. If you're stooping over a laptop, breathing can be laboured and it interrupts blood flow.
"Standing, which uses more of the skeletal system, means soft tissue will function in a normal fashion without the pressure points you might get from being seated or being seated inappropriately."
In 2006, The Mayo Clinic in America suggested chairless schools might help fight the obesity epidemic.
Researchers have applied for Australian Government funding for a two-year study into the impact on productivity and health from prolonged sitting.
reprinted from: Life Extension Magazine

This would seem to give another explanation for that feeling of pain in the a**

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