March 30, 2009


So here's my excuse for not adding another in depth report about the Ultra Mind Solution program I am on: I've just spent the past weekend in a couple of sports arenas during the annual Legacy Hockey Tournament and yes, I succumbed! It's the smell I've decided. French fries, hamburgers and all sorts of other deep fried goodies - geez, what's a guy to do???? Thursday night I was good - didn't order anything other than green tea - a rare sight in a hockey rink. Friday is a longer evening and so I ordered the clubhouse sandwich - with a green salad though instead of fries. That is the first bread, mayo and bacon I've had in over 2 months. The sluggish feeling on Saturday morning could be attributed to the 6 hours of standing on my feet the night before and then getting up at 6 AM Saturday for another round of the same. I did have a very healthy protein shake before leaving home and that held me in good stead until late afternoon when I went home to get ready for that night's alumni party. I must admit that I needed a nap after working out and before showering and having something to eat at home, then off to spend the evening catching up with old friends and drinking wine.
It was a little harder getting up Sunday morning to head out and it wasn't helped by the fact that I had to shovel 10 inches of wet snow off the driveway that had fallen overnight. When I got to the rink about 9:15, the smell of breakfast wraps was too much - yep, had one of those too, followed by a turkey and Swiss sandwich about 2:00 - more bread. The truth is, I was pretty sluggish all day Sunday and I know it was the combination of a lot of hours in the rink but also the food that I was eating. It is probably the proof that I required to show the powerful benefits of following Dr. Hyman's program. So now a couple of days of healthy food, working out, supplements and I should be as good as new. It really is interesting how food creates low energy and a certain fog-like haze in our brains. I would not have noticed that before going on this program but now it really is easy to see. I got home from the tournament on Sunday around 5:30, made a healthy dinner and fell into a vegetative state of mindless TV for the evening. Here's to a return to more energy!

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