March 10, 2009


I'm feeling all high techie these days. I keep learning new things about gadgets, widgets, WYSIWYG, HTML, affiliate fees and a ton of other stuff I didn't know existed a few weeks ago. I recently began writing articles for Ezine - the largest online magazine around - and have added a widget on the right side of this page that allows readers instant access to those articles. Now, of course, that creates another area of my life that requires attention on a regular basis as I need to continually supply more articles but it satisfies the need to write, even if the discipline of doing so is still a challenge. This all started with a not-so-innocent conversation over lunch a month or so ago, from a friend who is also learning about internet marketing. I began using Wealthy Affiliates - a link is shown in the section Sites to check out - as my source of information and learning and the ride has been exceptional. An entire world that seemed darkly foreboding and steeped in "tech-speak," practiced by pimple faced geeks living in their parent's basements now doesn't look quite so scary. In fact, I can see this whole area of the universe as a legitimate source for creativity, connection, income generation and perhaps even offers a purpose that plays nicely on my need to learn.

It's a little early to use the phrase " I am one with technology!" but some of the fear is subsiding as I experience moments of success based on my own diligence and curiosity. It is also a little disconcerting to have Ezine refer to me as an "expert" just because I hiked the West Coast Trail, survived, wrote a book about it, speak occasionally about it, write articles about it - sounds more like obsession than expertise.... Oh well, some of you might find the information interesting and I invite you to take a look.

Based on my earlier comments, I am now a little concerned about having my work space in the basement - can zits on my face be far behind?

Until next time...enjoy!

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