March 30, 2009


So here's my excuse for not adding another in depth report about the Ultra Mind Solution program I am on: I've just spent the past weekend in a couple of sports arenas during the annual Legacy Hockey Tournament and yes, I succumbed! It's the smell I've decided. French fries, hamburgers and all sorts of other deep fried goodies - geez, what's a guy to do???? Thursday night I was good - didn't order anything other than green tea - a rare sight in a hockey rink. Friday is a longer evening and so I ordered the clubhouse sandwich - with a green salad though instead of fries. That is the first bread, mayo and bacon I've had in over 2 months. The sluggish feeling on Saturday morning could be attributed to the 6 hours of standing on my feet the night before and then getting up at 6 AM Saturday for another round of the same. I did have a very healthy protein shake before leaving home and that held me in good stead until late afternoon when I went home to get ready for that night's alumni party. I must admit that I needed a nap after working out and before showering and having something to eat at home, then off to spend the evening catching up with old friends and drinking wine.
It was a little harder getting up Sunday morning to head out and it wasn't helped by the fact that I had to shovel 10 inches of wet snow off the driveway that had fallen overnight. When I got to the rink about 9:15, the smell of breakfast wraps was too much - yep, had one of those too, followed by a turkey and Swiss sandwich about 2:00 - more bread. The truth is, I was pretty sluggish all day Sunday and I know it was the combination of a lot of hours in the rink but also the food that I was eating. It is probably the proof that I required to show the powerful benefits of following Dr. Hyman's program. So now a couple of days of healthy food, working out, supplements and I should be as good as new. It really is interesting how food creates low energy and a certain fog-like haze in our brains. I would not have noticed that before going on this program but now it really is easy to see. I got home from the tournament on Sunday around 5:30, made a healthy dinner and fell into a vegetative state of mindless TV for the evening. Here's to a return to more energy!

March 27, 2009


When I was first exposed to Dr. Hyman's new book, The Ultra Mind Solution, besides being my usual skeptical self, I was actually fascinated by some of the testimonials of his patients who had reported some amazing results in themselves or their loved ones. When I delved a little deeper and began looking more carefully at the footnotes, I was blown away by the quality of the research and scientific evidence that was presented. Now, I will not pretend to be some sort of authority on highly technical, medical research data but I did randomly pull up some of the articles and research papers (isn't the internet grand?) and did plow through some of the conclusions to satisfy myself that the evidence actually exists and that, as best as I could determine, the results supported Dr. Hyman and his patients, in their discussions. So, armed with that bit of amateur sleuthing, I proceeded to go to his website and order the book. This took me to Amazon, where I made the actual purchase but, at the Doctor's request, I was able to link back to his website, quote my receipt number and download an unbelievable amount of information so that I could begin to participate in the program without waiting for the book to arrive in a few days. As far as I know, these are bonuses available to people who purchase his book in this manner and I don't know if it is available by just going to your local bookstore.

There are over 200 pages of support material, including what may be the most important part of his program, the self testing questionaire. I began reading the material and quickly realized that this was no "late night TV info schlock." This was an incredibly detailed examination and discovery process designed to produce very valuable feedback about the participant's physical and mental health. At no time in my life have I ever had a doctor ask any of these questions, let alone spend the time to explain what was going on in my body. I completed the entire question and scoring part over the next couple of nights and read the explanations and easy to understand recommendations based on the results of my own tests. I learned about a new area of medical practice called Functional Medicine and began to see the relationships between the food I was eating, the vitamins and minerals I was missing and the life I was living. I really didn't have any idea that some of the limitations, physical and mental energy, thought processes and mood were so inter-related and dependent on what I was injesting. My eyes were opened in a way that was supportive and encouraging by someone who has experienced personally and through his patients, the symptoms and solutions in his book. All of this gave me the confidence to "give it a try."

I made the decision to enter into the Ultra Mind Solution about the middle of January and start the 6 week program. This was made very easy because of the recipes and food shopping lists contained in the support material, along with a daily half hour excercise program that consisted of walking. I had finally found a use for the electronic clothes hanger in the basement, sometimes called a treadmill. I will share some of the results that I began to experience immediately and then report some of the longer term benefits that have continued to surprise and please me to this day, in future blogs. In the meantime, take a look yourself at Dr. Hyman's Ultra Mind Solution.

March 25, 2009


In the past two postings, I have been extolling the virtues of a book by Dr. Mark Hymen entitled the Ultra Mind Solution in which he offers a plan that I have been following for about 10 weeks now. The process of regaining the brain health that each of us can benefit from starts with the nutrition that we feed our bodies. There is a raft of scientific evidence available that shows the direct relationship between what we use for nutrition and what is happening in our brains. This evidence is no longer circumstantial nor is it just anecdotal, but it is now being reported in respected medical journals world wide. A perusal of Dr. Hyman's website and reading his book will give the curious person interested in their own health, an overwhelming amount of substantiated evidence to show that the processed foods that have become dietary staples are killing us. The evidential links between diet and ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer's, dementia, anxiety and depression are overwhelming and yet, the medical/pharmaceutical industry continues to treat only the symptoms with addictive drugs with side effects that should scare the hell out of us.

One of the biggest processed food culprits is MSG and its many names and forms found in virtually every packaged food, sauce and restaurant meal. The incredible harm this addictive chemical is foisting upon an unsuspecting public is studiously avoided by the very institutions that are supposed to protect our food sources and ultimately, us. I haven't even mentioned the relationship between MSG and obesity that has been proven time and again and then of course, the link between that obesity and all the physical damage it is causing to our hearts, joints, organs and brains, but you might find this an interesting source:

I recently read somewhere that to be truly healthy, we should never eat anything that our grandmothers wouldn't recognize. Food labels are supposed to show us what is inside the package and then an uneducated public is somehow supposed to understand the various chemical names and what they are. In addition, the FDA and its Canadian equivalent, have an incredibly long list of substances that are not required to be revealed on the labels. Perhaps it is true that if our food has a label on it, maybe we shouldn't eat it. That's enough preaching by me for one day but as a student of life, I rely on the teachings of learned people who have used their training, intelligence, creativity and common sense to present us with information that makes a real difference in the lives of people everywhere - maybe even you and I. If you haven't checked out Dr. Hyman - try it now .

March 23, 2009


Just after New Year's Day of this year, a trusted friend sent me an email outlining the virtues of a book he had just read called The Ultra Mind Solution. What he had to say about it was fascinating to me for several reasons, not the least of which was that following my 60th birthday, I had begun to buy into the line about certain symptoms of aging. On one level, I really didn't feel 60 but on several others I had begun to notice some things like despondency in areas of physical activity, a bit of an inability to remember some things (names, grocery lists, and so on) and more moodiness bordering on anger. In addition, I had begun to realize some limitations that were becomming more noticeable all of the time like my inability to read for any length of time without feeling tired, a serious dive in my energy level after eating and speaking of eating, I had spent the entire Christmas holiday season with my snout firmly buried in the trough of goodies.
I was none too pleased on Xmas day to open my wife's gift of workout clothes and a gym pass, nor was I pleased to overhear her comment to a family member about how we were both going to join weight watchers in January. Naturally, the contrarian in me became a little more active, even if the rest of me didn't. The truth of the matter was that I knew I was going to have to do something soon but I have a natural distaste for commercial diets that equate weight loss with health and whose marketing strategy is to keep you coming back as long as possible. That whole approach doesn't pass the common sense test as far as I am concerned. I had the notion that my weight had ballooned due to overeating and that once I cut my intake quantity, I would somehow glide back to my ideal weight without too much trouble. The "trouble" was, I had been thinking that way for decades and I was wondering if it was too late. The other truth is that I had never really made the connection between what was happening to my mind, or at least, in my brain with what I was shovelling into my mouth.
I had never really expressed these concerns to anyone, especially about "losing a step or two" in the brain department and in my arrogance, thought that I would magically find a pill that would return me to the physical specimen of my youth but the effort it took a year earlier to get into shape to learn to surf was a lot harder than I expected. One of the other motivators that began appearing on my horizon was the number of friends that had begun to show signs of premature aging and in some cases, die.
Over the next few blog postings I will offer some insights on health that you can put to the test right away. I will use the Ultra Mind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman as a base to tell you about the 7 step solution that you can use right now to "unleash your body's hidden ability to dramatically improve mood, memory and thinking speed," as observed by Mehment Oz, MD, who has endorsed the book. I will use my own experience over the past 9+ weeks to demonstrate and share the secrets to realizing a level of health, both physically and mentally, that most of us didn't know was possible. The best part of this entire process is that you can try it for just 6 short weeks and the results will astound you. We often hear about the Mind/Body connection and how we can think ourselves sick, but this turns that upside down and I promise that you will see the incredible difference available to you when you heal your body and heal your mind, as a result.

March 20, 2009


I held it in my hands last night! I held the answer to something that has been puzzling me since the beginning of the year - what "project" am I going to undertake in 2009. I have the solution in hand and will reveal all when I have moved a little further towards its execution. In the past, I have undertaken some projects like gliding and surfing. I had a notion about learning more about internet marketing, website building and so on, which I have fully embraced but these things are not physical enough, so I needed something else - I found it in a moment of inspiration yesterday. All will be revealed in a few weeks.
Something else that held promise, but didn't quite fit the bill as an adventure project, was getting my body and mind into shape and that is coming along extremely well and I have decided to devote several editions of this blog, starting next week, to how that process is going. I will use myself and some of the changes I have noticed as an example of how this amazing program works. So, starting next week, there will be blogs available here with specific information, based on a program created by Doctor Mark Hyman. I will offer facts, proven by the doctor and witnessed by myself, links to more information, how-to's, exact excercise regimens and their results, enthusiastic encouragement sprinkled with some of my special brand of arrogant, militaristic shouting, recipes, eating tips for home and away and a lot of other stuff designed to arm you with the information to make life enhancing changes in your own life. A lot of the changes that I have noticed, frankly I didn't even recognize as issues, prior to this program. So, if you want more energy physically and mentally, more altertness, better sleeps, keener focus ability, a more positive outlook, less anxiety, better temperment and a bunch of other physical improvements that I will reveal - oh, did I mention that I have lost 32 lbs in 10 weeks - not to worry, it's just a side effect, but I may need a new picture, if only I knew a photographer....
If you, or someone you know, might benefit from the personal knowledge of an "ultra mind solution" then may I suggest that you go to "Google Reader" and create an automatic feed from this blog so that you, and they, can be automatically updated when I post this information - it starts next week. Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested - I promise to keep it clean and sane - honest!

March 13, 2009


Ah yes, the learning curve and going back to correct mistakes. It takes time to understand and become familiar with new technology and sometimes we have to go backwards in order to move ahead. I have been submitting articles to Ezine regarding how to get ready to hike the West Coast Trail and 2 have been published and 8 more are in the can. Last night I was reviewing those articles along with the recent ones and realized I had made some errors with the coding. Consequently, I pulled all of them, corrected them and resubmitted them. This accounts for the message on the Ezine widget on this page stating that there are no articles by yours truly. I'm sure they will all make it in the next few days along with 2 new ones.
It's a little like life isn't it? We proceed with a course of action, make decisions based on information at hand and then discover some new facts and occasionally get the opportunity for a "do over." I can see the sun peaking out from behind the clouds so maybe the analogy of a "mulligan" would be a better one. Anyway, you get the idea - coming soon to a screen near you - more Ezine articles for your reading pleasure.

March 10, 2009


International Herald Tribune
While many people suffer from heartburn and gastric reflux disease, only a small number develop more severe ailments that can lead to esophageal cancer. Scientists who have been trying to understand what may protect against these conditions have identified an unlikely agent: wine.
Two studies published this month in the journal Gastroenterology suggest that people who drink wine in moderation are less likely to develop conditions that may lead to esophageal adenocarcinoma.
The reports are surprising because alcohol intake is a well- established risk factor for the other main form of esophageal cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. Researchers therefore warned that the findings were preliminary and must be confirmed by more intensive research.
In one new study, researchers at Kaiser Permanente found that drinking one glass of wine a day was associated with a reduction of more than 50 percent in the risk of developing Barrett's esophagus, though there was no reduction in risk for that disorder among those who drank either liquor or beer.
Barrett's esophagus, an erosion of the esophageal lining that can be caused by chronic heartburn or acid reflux, increases the risk of later developing esophageal adenocarcinoma 30- to 40-fold.
In the second study, researchers at Queen's University Belfast found that wine drinkers were at lower risk for reflux esophagitis, or GERD, an irritation of the esophagus caused by chronic heartburn.
Findings from the two studies are consistent with those from an earlier Australian report published in the same journal in December. That study found that drinking wine in moderation was associated with lower risks for the two forms of esophageal cancer.
"There is a lot of warranted skepticism about nutritional studies - one shows one thing and one shows something else," said Dr. Douglas Corley, a gastroenterologist and senior author of the Kaiser Permanente study. "But these are the first few studies that have looked at this, and they all find the same thing in three different populations in three different countries."
But in general, people who drink wine are different from those who drink beer or liquor, experts said. They tend to earn more and to be more educated, and it is hard for researchers to know if it is the wine or some other aspect of their lifestyle that protects their health in this case.
"This is an exploratory study, and my view is that further work needs to be done before we put too much weight on it," said Dr. Liam Murray, a senior author of the Irish study and a professor of cancer epidemiology at Queen's University Belfast.


I'm feeling all high techie these days. I keep learning new things about gadgets, widgets, WYSIWYG, HTML, affiliate fees and a ton of other stuff I didn't know existed a few weeks ago. I recently began writing articles for Ezine - the largest online magazine around - and have added a widget on the right side of this page that allows readers instant access to those articles. Now, of course, that creates another area of my life that requires attention on a regular basis as I need to continually supply more articles but it satisfies the need to write, even if the discipline of doing so is still a challenge. This all started with a not-so-innocent conversation over lunch a month or so ago, from a friend who is also learning about internet marketing. I began using Wealthy Affiliates - a link is shown in the section Sites to check out - as my source of information and learning and the ride has been exceptional. An entire world that seemed darkly foreboding and steeped in "tech-speak," practiced by pimple faced geeks living in their parent's basements now doesn't look quite so scary. In fact, I can see this whole area of the universe as a legitimate source for creativity, connection, income generation and perhaps even offers a purpose that plays nicely on my need to learn.

It's a little early to use the phrase " I am one with technology!" but some of the fear is subsiding as I experience moments of success based on my own diligence and curiosity. It is also a little disconcerting to have Ezine refer to me as an "expert" just because I hiked the West Coast Trail, survived, wrote a book about it, speak occasionally about it, write articles about it - sounds more like obsession than expertise.... Oh well, some of you might find the information interesting and I invite you to take a look.

Based on my earlier comments, I am now a little concerned about having my work space in the basement - can zits on my face be far behind?

Until next time...enjoy!

March 6, 2009


It's been an exciting week in several ways and watching my Flames trounce Philly with the 2 new trade deadline additions in the line up, was icing on the cake last night. A couple of other things this week too, including a cheque for sales of my West Coast Trail book in the U.S. of A. which surprised me since I really haven't launched any promotion yet. On that note, I decided to submit a series of articles to Ezine, the largest online magazine and I learned this morning that they have been accepted and will start appearing next week. The topic: The West Coast Trail and how to get prepared for it. Once again, speaking of the West Coast Trail, my weight loss program seems to be working quite well and I am now down to the same weight I was when we completed the WCT. Consequently, I was forced to buy a new pair of pants last night since I was looking like some sort of food deprived refugee, from the back side anyway.
I've managed to complete and submit one of the three tax returns that I do each year - my son's and after "the girl's," will finally be able to start on my own. It seems to get more complicated every year so thank goodness for the software packages that are now available. Some of you may know that I have entered into a fairly intensive learning program regarding Internet marketing that is going well and in these uncertain economic times, continues to offer an interesting alternative source of income - there's a link to the right of this page, if you are interested. If all goes well and I can put a little extra time into it, I hope to create my own online webpage and promotion for my second book, which anyone will be able to simply download onto their own computer and print out. I know it can be done, I just need to learn how to do it, because that's the mission, rather than have someone else do it for me.
Our annual Legacy midget hockey tournament is full and begins in 3 weeks with 16 teams from all over Western Canada and Switzerland. We have in the past few years, left for Hawaii shortly after the tournament but this year, with 2 out of town weddings to attend and a fair amount of company expected here, will go to Kelowna for the wine festival instead - my diet may get challenged that week! I haven't thrown away the baggy-ass Dockers just in case...

March 5, 2009


I know that recent converts to anything can be a pain in the a** and I am no exception. I recently found the life altering aspects of healthy eating and daily fitness and am now apparently using this pulpit to offer information that may be valuable to you.

Sitting at the Office Desk All Day Creates a Big Fat Problem; Diabetes Research
The Press


Try not to panic, but the simple act of sitting has just become dangerous.
Not even 30 minutes at the gym can halt the bloating waistlines of sedentary office workers, new research shows.
The Australian study, which will appear in the April issue of Diabetes Care, says damage caused by prolonged sitting could increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
However, occasional standing, with a bit of pacing thrown in, will fight the fat.
The study measured the intensity of physical activity in 168 subjects over seven days.
It showed that, regardless of the amount of moderate-to- vigorous exercise, those who took more breaks from sitting had smaller waistlines, lower body mass indexes and lower levels of glucose in the blood.
Researchers said the results proved there were benefits in regularly interrupting sitting time.
Christchurch fitness instructor Bevan Eyles said workers who were chained to their desks should stand while making phone calls, sit on a swiss ball instead of a chair, or remind themselves to sit up straight.
He suggested putting a coloured dot on the computer as a reminder to improve posture or setting a timer to send you on a lap of the office every hour.
Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions business manager Chris Andrew said office planners were increasingly installing "sit-to-stand" work stations which could be used as workers felt the need to move.
"Humans were never designed to sit for eight hours a day," Andrew said.
"It creates a risk of permanent discomfort. If you're stooping over a laptop, breathing can be laboured and it interrupts blood flow.
"Standing, which uses more of the skeletal system, means soft tissue will function in a normal fashion without the pressure points you might get from being seated or being seated inappropriately."
In 2006, The Mayo Clinic in America suggested chairless schools might help fight the obesity epidemic.
Researchers have applied for Australian Government funding for a two-year study into the impact on productivity and health from prolonged sitting.
reprinted from: Life Extension Magazine

This would seem to give another explanation for that feeling of pain in the a**