December 29, 2011


I have very few followers on this blog - it's been more of a personal journal for several years now and I spend most of my time over at Book Mentor. However, I thought you might be interested in this.
I go through spurts of a morning ritual that includes reading something inspirational and I am sure that I will recommit to this practice now that the New Year is upon us. Actually, I just started the reading part about 10 minutes ago.
A friend just released his new book, that I have gladly purchased, and I am making it part of my daily practice and you might want to consider it, too. Larry Anderson's personal story is one that shows what a dream can really accomplish and that dream includes making a difference in the world - his book does that. It offers the true stories of people who have made a magnificent contribution and offers the possibility that each of us might do the same. Larry has committed his own life to doing exactly that. Take a look here or on Kindle here and consider making his inspiring stories part of the magic that you can create in 2012.

Larry has donated the profits from his book to charity - just the sort of thing he does!!

December 27, 2011


The natural antidote for depression and anxiety, and pretty much every other negative is, purpose.
No matter what our spiritual flavor, or lack of it, we all share one thing in common, the overwhelming need for a purpose. What's yours?

December 4, 2011


So, as some you know, I like to tackle the big questions here. The questions about life and its meaning. Where the planet and its inhabitants are going, that sort of thing. In our marriage, this division of labor has worked very well; Leanne takes care of the mundane day-to-day things like what bills to pay, where to vacation, furniture to buy, cars, decorating, etc. I, on the other hand, take on the big ones, as mentioned earlier.
Here's today's question that is weighing me down with indecision and curiosity:
Does Santa take his sleigh all the way to the Southern hemisphere and begin distributing toys and work his way back home or does he start in the north and run his route to completion in the south and then dead head back to the North Pole empty?
You see what I mean. There are questions that beg for answers but who is going to look for them, if not me? I am open to other considered opinions, or even if the jolly old guy himself has the time to give us the answer, I'll publish it.