September 12, 2010


There are no longer any barriers to writing your book. With a little help along the way, almost anyone can create a readable, informative and entertaining book and be able to reach their audience. If that is something you have been dreaming about, take a look at the video I just posted about a great, upcoming workshop.

September 7, 2010


Alzheimer's Disease devastates families and has remained a "hidden problem" in households for centuries. Once the source of bittersweet humor, Alzheimer's is starting to get the attention that it needs. As the population ages, we can all expect to be touched by this at some point. A few courageous people are bringing it out into the open including our friends, the Strandlunds. Congratulations to Gord and Brenda for making a difference in the world!

September 5, 2010


Today's nature quote seems very appropriate as it continues to rain here. The summer in Western Canada continues to be wet and cold while the rest of the world suffers from incredible heat. Labour Day weekend seems to filled with, well...labour, since there is not much we can do outside other than complain.

Just an update to some friends who have been following this space for some time (and if you haven't been following - why have you not subscribed to get the updates???).  You may remember that we were putting together a golf tournament called Gord's Game, with proceeds going to Alzheimer's research. This was created to acknowledge the challenges faced by my friend Gord and his family and it was held last Thursday. Thursday turned out to be a postcard perfect day in the Rockies with absolutely ideal golf conditions. According to the pro shop staff, it was one of about 5 days all season that was this nice.

The event went off without a hitch and we raised over $21,000.00 that has been donated to the Alzheimer's Society of Calgary to continue research into a disease that will touch each of us in some way - if it hasn't already. Thanks to all of the friends and associates who helped out with donations and attending the event and here is hoping that we will do it again next year.