January 8, 2008


So, my ego is getting stroked pretty good. There are not exactly thousands of people checking this blog every day but I really appreciate those of you who have taken the time to send emails directly to me, or call, etc. with some very flattering remarks. Thank you. This has been a great exercise as it helps me hone and discipline my writing skills (OK, so maybe I could spend a little time learning punctuation - I was sick that day - let it go).
I have become a little bit addicted to this entire Google mail and blogging thing and the fact that my computer was giving me grief today created a little anxiety. I see however, that access on my home computer is fine.
As faithful readers, you will remember that I am reading a book called Me to We by Craig and Marc Kielburger and today I read a passage that resonated with my New Year's penchant for establishing some objectives for the coming year. I sometimes call them resolutions but the word is not nearly as important as the concept of considering where I was, where I am and where I want to be, in relation to the values I consider important in my life. I could paraphrase but that wouldn't give credit to the following direct quote from their remarkable book.

"Overall, research has found that three types of goals that people strive for are consistently related to well-being. The first type involves intimacy, the desire for close, reciprocal relationships. Fundamentally, these kinds of goals involve creating (or recreating) connections with others. The second type involves spirituality. These types of goals involve a concern with ethics and lead us to seek the divine in daily life. The third type involves a commitment to and concern for future generations. For us, such findings suggest that happiness happens when we recognize and appreciate our connection to others and align our goals with the best of our values."

I can't say it better, but I can continue to strive to be better - care to join me?

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