January 7, 2008


So, I'm a bit confused. I'm neither a hunter nor a gun owner and so you might say that I don't know what I'm talking about. You would be right, but I have a lot of trouble understanding why anyone needs an automatic rifle, machine gun, pistol or whatever, that fires multiple rounds in a matter of seconds. How the hell many times can you kill a deer? Sorry, "target practice" is a smoke screen - what are you targeting? I understand farmers requiring a rifle to keep predators under control and I understand (sort of) hunters who use a rifle to provide food but I just don't "get" what the need is for automatics. A weapon that fires multiple shots with the squeeze of a finger hardly sounds like "sport" to me - what it sounds like is a weapon of war. So what does someone need a weapon of war in their house for, in this part of the world? If politicians in this country, or the good ole neighbour to the south, had any guts, they would vote to ban automatic weapons in the hands of the public. PERIOD! And please, don't give me that old saw about constitutional rights. Try and drag your knuckles into the 21st century. Parents who have automatic weapons in their house or on their property are irresponsible, selfish, dangerous to the human race in general and themselves and their children in particular. Saying they are locked up and therefore, "safe," is a load of bunk visited upon us by people unable to take responsibility for their actions. I've heard the old line that guns don't kill people, people kill people. Get over yourself - everytime I pick up the newspaper or watch a news program I see people holding guns killing other people.

That's my opinion, it doesn't have to be yours.

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