January 4, 2008


According to my image consultant, who goes by the acronym SWMBO, I need to seek the services of a hair stylist and "we" are now letting my hair grow out??? Dishevelled, thinning and greying - I thought these were already styles. To add more abuse to my life, I returned to my trainer, Elvira the Mistress of Pain yesterday, for the first time in three weeks. She tells me that the excessive sweating, cold clamminess and spots in front of my eyes are caused by toxins in my body. I was under the impression that it was the Amarula and hot chocolate left over from Christmas and New Year's.
Is it just me or are you tired of "breaking news stories" based on some idiotic misdemeanour by some second rate celebrity? Isn't it amazing that television stations, who try to create a serious news image, can convene a panel of experts on a moment's notice, to discuss, actually speculate, about the potential legal ramifications of some star's DUI. Are we that bereft of actual things to think about? It would be easy to lay the blame at the foot of the media but somebody is watching and apparently in large numbers. The ratings suggest that as soon as news channels show a picture of a blond starlet in a compromising situation, their ratings skyrocket. The media outlets have some culpability in this situation but the rest of us need to vote with our channel changers. It is mind-boggling to imagine the amount of money spent on technicians, on-air personalities, electricity, equipment and infrastructure to carry all of the prurient details of some over indulgent teenager with too much money to a breathless public with the "right to know." Could we please move on to something, anything, with meaning, like perhaps the plight of the homeless, pollution, world hunger, graft, disease..........

I seem to be a tad grumpy this morning.

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