January 23, 2008

ME TO WE, part 2

If you're still here after yesterday's blog, then it says as much about your taste in writing as it does about mine. Burgundy boxers today, how about you?
You may recall that I have been extolling the virtues of Craig and Marc Kielburger's wonderful book, Me To We in recent posts. In essence, they put forward a philosophy that one of our main purposes on this earth is to share our gifts with others. The route to true happiness is found in the joy that giving from ourselves, from our heart, from the basket of abundance that each of us possesses, changes us at a soul level. While we ourselves experience this change, the world that we choose to help experiences the benefit of a lift up. I'm always a little skeptical of big, monolithic and bureaucratic charitable organizations with large buildings, staffs and slick marketing campaigns. The fact that they are not required to provide any audited financial statements always raises my curiosity and so, when I see people who are serious about helping, serious enough to work at ground level by providing their own labour and sweat, then I get this warm and fuzzy. There is a link on the right hand side of the page and I urge you to at least take a look at some of the projects that Free the Children are involved in. Perhaps you could find a way to help, too?????
Next up on the reading list is a book written by John Wood whom you may have seen on television recently. He left Microsoft at the height of his career and earnings to collect used books to distribute to poor and illiterate nations starting in Nepal. A cause very close to my own heart is education because I believe that the way to change the world is to teach the 850 million people who can't read and write to do so. Feed, heal and teach, the road to peace and true happiness for all of us.

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