January 28, 2008


On Friday night I saw my movie hero, Jack Nicholson along with Morgan Freeman in The Bucket List. You can always tell a good movie because it makes us laugh one minute and perhaps a little catch in the throat,(or was that something in my eye? I had a cold you know!) the next. You can read reviews and stuff elsewhere but it did get me thinking about my own list. I wondered whether, at the time of our passing, we will regret the things we did, or the things we didn't do, more? Not that it will change the results of the story but it might change the quality of the passing. Perhaps it is too fine a point for some, but I seem to have both kinds of lists. Before I die, I want to learn to surf, sail, write a best seller, see Machu Pichu and on and on - all "doing" things. On the other list, there seems to be a number of things that I can't change without a time travel machine and so, what to "do" about them, is the question. One thing I thought about is making sure that history doesn't repeat itself by creating a "being" list. In the future, but starting today, I want to be more joyful, I intend to live with more passion, I will advance every day a step closer to my dreams and I intend to keep adding to the lists.
At this point, I will need to live to a hundred, so I'd better add a new blender to the list.

The question for the day, is it even possible to have "fat free" Carnation condensed milk? It doesn't taste the same in my coffee and it's too early for Amarula.

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