June 30, 2008


I've always wanted to work in a job where I could wear shorts, on the outside, unlike the inner ones of my previous blog called Boxers or Briefs. Today's the day. It's 30 degrees C. and that's also hot in Fahrenheit, so I decided to wear shorts to work. I expect to hear some reaction from the boys in the warehouse but I'm pretty sure that is just jealousy - of what, you might ask. I grew up in a time period where very few people dared to expose themselves in any way - especially men. I remember the only pair of shorts that I ever saw my father wear were a pair of dress pants that must have had a hole in the knee and my mother cut them off and made him wear them on one of those hot, muggy, Ontario afternoons. I'm still surprised to this day, at how many men are reluctant to wear shorts, although they are usually the first ones to line up to check out the day's Sunshine girl. Come on you guys! Live a little and don't worry, I would never use the old comment, "Hey, are those your legs, or is that a chicken you're riding?"

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