June 25, 2008


"...recommended for experienced backpackers only.*"

When we hiked the West Coast Trail a few years ago, this quote was on the front page of the map sent to us by Parks Canada. Fortunately, I didn't notice it until I was home safe and sound from the adventure of a lifetime. Many things come with warning labels such as, toys, clothes, televisions, toasters, paint, sporting goods, theatre tickets, food, prescription drugs, cigarettes and booze but the important stuff doesn't have one. Things like love, children, rainbows, bird calls, flower fragrance, smiles and night skies, you know, the important stuff is all available without a lawyer warning us of its dangers. One of the tricky things about warning labels is when to heed them and when to ignore them. Risk is the only thing that truly moves us forward whether on a back country trail or through life itself.
Knowing when to take the risk and step into the abyss is an inexact science but the truth can be felt through our own intuition located deep inside the dark recesses of our mind. Funny thing, but that's where spirituality, God and wisdom are located too. Some pretty interesting dance partners roaming around inside us, aren't there?

* from a thought expressed in THE WEST COAST TRAIL: One Step at a Time

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