June 28, 2008


on being part of an "era"

The other night, someone in the house was watching a previously recorded episode of " So You Think You Can Dance" and since there is no hockey to watch, I attempted to endure yet another reality show. I don't know if I was happy or sad to learn that disco is now considered a "dance genre." I do know that what the kids on the show did, bears absolutely no relation to the essence of cool displayed on the dance floor in my day..... There were no aviator sunglasses, large mustaches, polyester bell bottoms, gold chains hanging in their chest hair, no cigarette in one hand nor scotch in the other. Who can dance without a couple of scotches for Pete's sake? The judges even referred to John Ravolta at one point, but the worst part was when they used the term "iconic status" during their commentary on the era of disco. I'm not even sure what that means but it sounds neat, errr... cool....I mean, far out! It's also pretty far out to be part of an "era" in a wierd sort of way. Perhaps I'm coming down with Saturday Night Fever - a double scotch on the rocks will fix that....

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