June 23, 2008


success is measured not by what you do but rather, how you do it

This comment is so self-evident after I read it a few times but for some reason it struck me as very insightful the first time. That would, of course, mean that it has some special significance and that I need to pay attention to it. We can point to millions of examples of this truism in action whether we are looking at various careers, professions or practices. Some people make a complete success of whatever they are involved in and some don't. The difference is the person not the task or action that is being undertaken. Regardless of how we might decide to define success using terms like money, popularity, power, promotion, marks, these are the results. The success was determined by how the person approached the task at hand. Interestingly, there are three ways to approach the task that will lead to success.

I thought you'd never ask.......

1. Acceptance: It may be something that you don't particularly want to do but know that you must do it anyway. You proceed by accepting the task, accepting the fact that you must do it and then letting go of the resistance.

2. Enjoy: Whatever task or action that is before you is something that you enjoy doing. It brings you a sense of joy and lightness and you are eager to jump in, thus ensuring its success.

3. Enthusiasm: You approach the process with a great and intense enthusiasm because you can't wait to get started. you can feel your enthusiasm in the pit of your stomach.

You don't need to feel all three to ensure success - they all take you there.

Good Luck

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