July 1, 2008


"...we stand on guard for thee."

For all the whining and moaning I do about politics, politicians, education and medical bureaucracies and many other things, we are pretty lucky to live in a country like Canada that allows you and I to do exactly that - whine and moan if we want. I don't know about you, but I can still get a very serious lump in my throat when I hear O Canada played at the Olympics and even more so, at the funeral of one of our fallen soldiers. Leaving aside some of the stupidity put on display by some of our leaders and media, there is rarely any question in my mind about the validity of their intentions - to build one of the greatest spots on the planet to call home. Congratulations to all the citizens, past and present, we have succeeded - Happy Birthday to all of us and may each of us spare a moment to express our gratitude for our good fortune.

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