July 25, 2008


The male ego is a very delicate and fragile thing and, oh so easily impressed. A little while ago, during a quick stop at our local mall, I was thoroughly and completely "checked out!" Head to toe and complete with a mysterious little grin that curled the corner of her mouth. Just weeks away from turning 60, to say my spirits were lifted is an understatement of the first magnitude. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no idea what to do and I'm sure that my chin hitting my chest and then almost tripping over my size 12's, while attempting to catch my breath and make the spots in front of my eyes go away, was incredibly sexy - yes, I am just that smooth!

What a great way to start what promises to be a fabulous summer weekend and because I am such a gentleman, I won't even speculate about the lady's age although, I know for sure that she was 25........I'm just not sure in which decade.

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