July 28, 2008


Perhaps I'm a little weird. Okay, okay, you can stop nodding your head and saying "Is he kidding?!?!?" I went on a fabulous road trip last weekend and was in complete charge of the car and all of its accoutrement's. While I'm still not completely functional on the inner workings of the GPS unit and its female voice doesn't acknowledge my sharp tongued retorts when she makes a mistake (what's new?) I had mastery of the satellite radio and the volume button. When I was much younger, I misspent much of my time in various clubs of ill repute and questionable dance halls in Southern Ontario, close to Detroit. Standing near the stage and watching and hearing people like Wilson Pickett, Martha and the Vandalas, the Supremes, Gladys Knight and the Pips, the Tower of Power, Dave Clayton Thomas, Ritchie Night and the Midnights and yes, one magic night - Roy Orbison himself, has influenced my taste in music forever. Rolling down the highway, top open, sunshine on my head, 70's tunes, commercial free and the volume turned up to 10. My ears were bleeding, my heart pumped double time and it was 3 hours of bliss. ROCK ON!!!!

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