February 26, 2008


Spring has sprung. The grass is ris'. I wonder where the birdies is. It's still February but it's beginning to look a lot like spring around here. Most of the snow is gone, the days are sunny and the temps are climbing. Pretty soon, the damn deer will be eating my tulips! Another sign of spring occurred yesterday when Ilsa, Queen of the nazi Fitness Camps and athletic therapist extraordinaire, invited me to a 2 hour golf preparation session. Apparently, this will be dedicated to physical readiness and will not actually assist in lowering my score - nothing else ever has either, so I might as well go.

Something else warms my dark little heart these days - you may know that I'm involved in an annual spring hockey tournament that offers education bursaries to players and consequently, we are always seeking help of various kinds. I sent a letter explaining this to the three major food store chains in our town last week and as of yesterday, all three have replied with offers of assistance. There are a lot more companies, from every industry, who do things to help others in the community than ever get credit for it. When I'm ranting and raving, it would be good to keep this idea in mind.

Another sign of spring are the envelopes appearing in the mailbox with income tax information, harbingers of several hours in front of the computer entering numbers and trying to decipher the government-speak that substitutes for a kiss, while getting screwed - oops, did I say that out loud? Nice Revenoors, easy boy let's not be talkin' audits now......I promise to pay...honest I do.

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