February 11, 2008


According to this morning's newspaper, researchers have now discovered that feeding rats a sugar free, sugar subsitute diet, results in them gaining more weight than they would by eating sugar. Finally, vindication! The world is beginning to return to normal as balance is being achieved in the universe. A certain, media-darling, Canadian environmentalist is being shown up for his contradictory climate stands, based on very suspect science. Coffee no longer kills us. Red wine should be consumed for its health benefits. French people eat huge quantities of butter, without immediate death as a result. I heard some Eastern Canadian political pundits on CBC, say that a federal election would result in very little change in the House of Commons standings, due to Harper's reasonably good governance.
It's like I'm living in a dream. What has happened to all of the politically correct, Birkenstock-wearing, fat-free, pass the tofu people who have been making my life miserable?
Before you know it, professional wrestling will be exposed as a fake - oh, really - it already has?

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