February 21, 2008


It feels like a change coming. I know that most of the planet seems to be in turmoil and that problems seem to surround us at every turn. We can provide a long list of ills such as illiteracy, hunger, disease, environmental disaster, war, abuse, poverty and on and on. While it's easy to slip into the mindset of finding everything that's wrong with the world and then finding someone to blame it on, I have this little part of my mind that thinks this could be an illusion. Perhaps, it feels to me, this is a little like the storm before the calm. We need this big blow off of negativity before humanity finds the path that leads to peace and abundance. There are signs everywhere of a new order, of a willingness to consider alternatives, of an acceptance of the possibility that we can create a better world. The push to explore these possibilities may come when the human race experiences some sort of cataclysmic event that takes us to the edge of extinction. The source could be external, like a comet or could already exist, like an environmental or genocidal horror that finally galvanizes us to seek solutions that we can't currently see.

I don't see leadership coming from governments as they continue to protect their own territories and economies to the exclusion of the big picture. Religion continues to promote their philosophy of salvation only to the true believers and while they have the opportunity to literally save the world, most continue to exclude more people than they include through their myopic insistence on rules and dogma and have forgotten what spirituality is. There are corners of the world however, where great strides are being made. It is in these areas where we may find a clue for the future. The clues have a commonality in their insistence on personal responsibility and seeking the truth and power from within. The so-called fringes of medicine, or rather healing, is a good example. Conventional healthcare facilities are overcrowded, unresponsive and mired in beauracracy and so there is a movement to seek alternatives and they do exist. Rather than accept indifferent service from glorified pharmaceutical reps with a couple of initials behind their name, many of us are finding help from practitioners who use our own internal healing powers to direct us towards health and well being. Chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncture, meditation, reiki, yoga, APR

In another area, there is a rapidly growing segment of the population unconvinced by the top-down, fear-mongering power preached from most pulpits and now seek an alternative that practices a spirituality based in understanding and acceptance rather than guilt. This has opened us up to the power of possibility and intention, as we reveal the truth from within our souls that can attract all that we require to fulfill our life's purpose. This same power is starting to be directed toward planetary solutions that will ultimately recreate humanity through the harmonic convergence of thought, directed at empowering people of all races, geography, practices and cultures. This empowerment is the solution for society's inequities and the ever-expanding snowball it is creating, keeps rolling in the works of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, The Secret, Kerry Parsons, Mike Dooley, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Gottfried and the dozens of other thinkers who offer the fresh breeze that opens our minds and inspires the thoughts that will become reality.

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