March 7, 2008


A dear friend turned sixty recently and I was honoured to speak at her birthday party along with a number of her friends and family. She is a woman who has always been the poster girl for the word "grace." Her wisdom and intelligence are immediately apparent when you enter into conversation with her. She has a sense of fun and innocent frivolity that is tempered by eyes that can see far beyond what is on the surface. She is very much in tune with her own intuition and has learned to trust its revealing powers, so much so, that I have witnessed her ability to bring forward information from people's memories, that had been buried for decades. Her grace comes forward on the many occasions that she chooses not to reveal this information. A sense of discretion and her unwillingness to bring hurt to others, have been the hallmarks of her living in a state of grace.

Her innocence covers an intensity of purpose, as she has a curiosity level the envy of any cat on earth and she knows how to use it! When in conversation with this beautiful woman, she exhibits a knack for asking questions that cause her companion to dig much deeper than they ever thought possible, for answers. These are real questions, about real issues that never seem challenging at first, but always lead to the questionee having to think and find a place of inner truth before answering. There lies her real power; after asking a question, she has the ability to wait patiently, for the answer. She is not tempted to interject her own voice into the silence but rather, she allows the person she is with, the time and space to search within. Her grace maintains control of the conversation as she asks, answers, cajoles, encourages, reveals and teaches without a trace of judgement in her voice, ever.

Happy Birthday to the sister of my heart.

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