March 22, 2008


Easter: the time and the opportunity for our rebirth

It is probably no coincidence that the Christian calendar celebrates the rebirth of Christ in the springtime. (I wonder how I would approach this if I lived in the southern hemisphere?) This feels like the perfect time for most of us to compare the emergence of plant life with the emergence of new attitudes and new possibilities. Both are born from the roots of the past but hold the promise of the future. It may also be the perfect time to consider the creation of a bigger view and a larger perspective about our world and our place in it. Easter is generally recognized as a religious time but often brings with it the sadness of sectarian violence as the politics of God-worship overshadows the spirituality and joy of new birth.

I am always disappointed by the competition between Christian sects and wonder how He views the myopic opinions of groups supposedly dedicated to His praise. So many seem to be bogged down in minutiae and conflicting man-made rules that I wonder if they can ever get about the job of becoming spiritual beings. This constant clamouring to prove that there's is the one true way, gets in the way of living and loving and seeking enlightenment that is ours for the realizing. I wonder how we can get beyond this constant need to show that my God is better than your God and get on with the job of living and creating a world full of peace, prosperity, joy and freedom? Perhaps it starts with us as individuals, because God knows that the religions of the world can't figure out how to do it.

If Easter and spring are a time of rebirth and renewal, it may be appropriate for you and I to take a pledge of tolerance and understanding and begin sowing the seeds, one at a time, for the emergence of inspiration and the growth of a spirituality that respects each person for their unique abilities and contributions. Could we allow the egg of Easter to be the time that we will break through the shell of hatred and let a new beginning emerge, starting with each of us today. May the sun shine on you and yours, this Easter Sunday.

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