March 8, 2008


One of the frustrating things about a eulogy is that the subject never gets a chance to read or comment on it. The self-help crowd often play a game where the participants write their own eulogy in order to set new goals and change their life to reflect new-found inspiration. It's not a bad idea in some ways, but probably has a tendency to get a little too long and weighty. I like what a friend of mine is now using as his inspiration for the balance of his life; "Finish well."

This phrase doesn't waste time on regret, disappointment, dissatisfaction or other negative energy suckers but rather, incorporates and accepts history and focuses on the future that we have left, regardless of the amount of time. Now wouldn't that make a great eulogy, "He finished well." All that is needed to make this true is to look at our current life and decide to wait no longer, to live the one we want. Instead of marking time, we start making time. I find a few butterflies in my stomach as I read my own writing on this and wonder if I have the courage to step into the unknown - how about you? Will we finish well?

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