March 10, 2008


I may have been a tad insensitive with my last posting. Imagine my chagrin, when watching the late news, to see the video of record setting snow falls on the eastern side of the continent while our little corner of the world enjoyed spring-like conditions. We, in the wild west, know of your concern when our temperatures plunge, the drifts deepen and the mountain run-off floods our rivers and so I would like to say how sorry I am for sounding so callous and uncaring. I just don't know why I could have been taking such pleasure in basking in the warm sunshine with a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc while many of you risked heart attacks from shovelling snow. I assume the City of Toronto, once again, had the armed forces on high alert to clear their roads.

It's not like parts of the East were not in my mind. In particular, the lovely city of Ottawa, with its beautiful old buildings, tree lined river, museums, limping hockey team and parliament hill were upper most in my thoughts as I prepared my overly complicated, annual tribute to the political gods and their bureaucratic minions who keep dreaming up new ways to separate those of us in the hinterlands from our cash. Oops, I may have seemed a tad ungrateful this time. In fact, this guilt that I am feeling, may have been visited upon me by Gods of a different feather, who seem to have favoured our Eastern brethren with additional moisture while I was forced to sit on the lanai again yesterday as the temperatures rose slightly higher.

It is my fervent hope that all members of my family from the great Eastern regions of the nation will feel the full force of our thoughts of love, reverence and respect and that along with our lifelong fealty, will continue to collect and disperse our tax dollars amongst themselves. This wonderful seasonal migration of payments to the Eastern coffers should continue until hell freezes over. Oh, and to my cousins in Michigan - apparently Hell is frozen over.

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