November 15, 2009

The Case Against Retirement

The Case Against Retirement

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I am always a little amazed when talking to generation X and Y people who assume that the baby boomer generation will stop working at age 65 or younger and then live on their investment income.  This thinking often prevents people in the financial industry from targeting people 50+ because they are afraid that their hard-earned new client won't be around long enough as a contributing customer.  Wrong! For a variety of reasons that are outlined in The Case Against Retirement link above, many of us will continue earning income and contributing to our nest egg for many years to come. We may work differently, we may pursue new kinds of work in the information industry, but a large number of us will continue to be working and contributing members of society for several decades to come.
What we forget is that the whole concept of retirement is only about 30 years old.  Take a look at the information in the link above.

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