November 18, 2009


The Boomer generation is a unique demographic phenomena that has changed everything about the way history is unfolding. One of the biggest changes and challenges comes from the business community as they try and anticipate how almost 1/3 of North American consumers will move through the buying cycle along with the life cycle.  Here are a few interesting facts about the spending habits of Boomers:
Most Boomers have raised their children and now have more to spend on non-child related products and services but those with children still in post secondary schools spend 47% more than average on education. They also spend:

  • 11% more on men's clothing 
  • 13% more on women's clothing
  • 20% more on life insurance
  • 23% more on vacations
  • 50% more on housewares
information courtesy of Linda P. Morton Know 'em Sell 'em

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