February 12, 2009


Time spent over a cup of tea with a friend is time well spent it seems to me. My buddy from West Coast Trail fame and I took the time this morning to talk about all sorts of things - some important and some of it, just conversation. That's how the whole "Let's hike the WCT" thing started too. Anyway, we were chatting about healthy food and how easy or difficult it is to obtain when we started on about greenhouses and growing our own veggies. Somehow, and this seemed perfectly logical at the time, we got into solar power and creating a source of energy for our own uses.

I spent a bit of time on the internet and found a very interesting source of information with all of the do-it-yourself instructions from someone who has in fact, done it himself. Sounds tempting to give it a shot - take a look here Click Here! and see what you think. In any case, planting a few tomato plants this year would be a good idea - if the deer don't get them before I do. Should they be swiped by a four-legged vegetarian - perhaps a solar powered greenhouse next year.

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