February 16, 2009

Marilyn: Forever Blonde

"they'll give you a thousand dollars for a kiss
and fifty cents for your soul."
Marilyn Monroe

After Marilyn dropped the above quote, she apparently added, "I held out for the fifty cents."
We went to the highly acclaimed stage production Marilyn: Forever Blonde on Saturday and it was fabulous. If any of you get the chance to catch it - I urge you to go - it wasn't hard to see why the critics have been so generous in their praise. Marilyn was the object of many a young man's fantasy when I grew up and I still remember where I was when I heard of her tragic and lonely death that has been the subject of speculation ever since. Chatting with a couple in front of us prior to the show, we all agreed that she would have been the most surprised of all at the legacy of popularity that she left behind. Her life started and ended as a tragedy, beginning with 11 orphanages and ending alone with an empty jar of pills. Hollywood and politicians used and abused this beautiful girl whose only real fault was wanting to make something of herself. They laughed when she wanted to improve her acting skills and take on more serious roles. The loneliness was etched on her face in later years and the real tragedy seems to be the fact that she had no one looking out for her best interests. Hers is the story of powerful people interested only in themselves and caring little for who they hurt on the way to the top.

Cheers to you Marilyn, may your life provide hope and inspiration to the rest of us.

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