May 28, 2008


always drink upstream from the herd
I'm sure you have noticed how politicians and the media move in a crowd and treat "news" like a watering hole. They all crowd around a story and speculate and accuse like cows pee and poop. They trip over each other's opinions while standing and drinking from the same source and adding to the pollution of words just as surely as cows at a watering hole add fertilizer to the very ground they stand on. There's a great example of this frenzy taking place in Canada right now as the media and opposition hop all over the information about a Minister of the government leaving some secret documents at his girlfriend's house. Nothing was released, no actual harm was done, the Minister has resigned and yet, the herd keeps doing what it does best - trying to find fresh water in a pool of crap.
The fact that the woman in the story is gorgeous means that the herd will continue to mill around until the next beautiful woman shows up on the scene. The story has been repeating itself since television ratings and newspaper sales started being measured. The only way to avoid getting some of that "stuff" on yourself is to move upstream and drink from something cleaner, but don't tell the rest of them or they'll show up too.

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