May 1, 2008


open hearts create open minds

I tossed out a comment to someone yesterday without much forethought, "Open minds create open hearts," said I. The reply I received was "Oh gee...." and at first, I was a little miffed as I considered what that might mean. The gift of that reply was that I began to consider my original comment and realized that open minds might create open hearts, but that the opposite - open hearts create open minds had more of the ring of truth to it.

I began to consider the idea of open heartedness and came to realize that being open hearted creates a space in our spirit for "possibility" to enter. Being open hearted allows for the possibility of joy, freedom, abundance and love to enter and at the same time replaces feelings of anger, lack, limitation, envy and something called, small mindedness. We can spot a person who is open hearted from a great distance. They seem to have a magnetism and a glow surrounding them that causes us to want to be near them. The other thing about being open hearted is that it eliminates the need to be "right." Open hearted brings an aspect of "acceptance" that allows other people to have opinions and beliefs that are different from our own, without the need to judge those differences. Another friend has explained over the years, that it often takes a broken heart to create an open heart and that it is through the experience of pain, that we come to the realization that love of ourselves is the first step towards finding the life that we want.

Opening our hearts to life and possibility, creates the road map to accepting the views of others without compromising our own beliefs, which equals the definition of "open minded." And I thought it was just an "Oh gee...."

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