April 17, 2008


There is just something wrong about a man wearing pink crocs!  I am sitting in an internet cafe in paradise and maybe it's the sunshine that fries brains, but I'm watching a man, probably retirement-aged, walking across the parking lot with his wife, who is conservatively stylish and he seems to be oblivious to how weird he looks in khaki shorts, aloha shirt and pink crocs. Vacations bring many strange sights, some natural like unfamiliar plants and animals and some not so "natural."  The pink footed boobie is imported from off island.

We went to see a magic show the other night.  Now that would be an unnatural act for me whether on vacation or not.  Warren and Annebelle's Magic Show, on Maui is not to be missed. Thanks to the advice of friends before we left home, we had booked via the internet several days before departure.  Thank goodness because had we waited, we never would have got in and this show is worth every penny of admission.  A small audience of under 80 people guarantees an intimate show that is as funny as it is mystifying.  A gem!

Another find is the "Maui Babe" tanning lotion full of all sorts of natural ingredients that I am currently sporting.  I haven't figured out if it makes you a "babe" or attracts them.  I will report any scientific evidence when I have concluded my research.  One thing I know for sure, pink crocs are both unnatural and I'm pretty sure, a natural "babe" deterrent.

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