April 20, 2008


be one with the beach

Random observations from travelling in the tropics: beer made in Hawaii has no calories, Maui Babe suntan lotion doesn't attract any, ears and noses peel regardless of how much aloe vera is put on them, it always takes a full day to travel no matter how close or far, spouses make lousy navigators but they're great at telling you where to go, dinner at any restaurant at sunset called "The Beach House" is spectacular (and a little pricey), suitcases gain weight during travel, Kona coffee is worth the price, good travel guidebooks are invaluable, there are more uniformed security personnel in U.S. airports than customer service people, first class lounges aren't always, ocean breezes beat air conditioning, tropical vacations are better when it is snowing at home, no one appreciates seeing someone's pictures while they are still on vacation, watching first time parents with a tired and cranky baby in a swank eatery is not pleasant for anyone, getting asked for ID in the Maui airport before getting a beer is cool, going through 3 security checks isn't, hearing that your son had to shovel snow off the driveway twice in one day - oh dear, the sound of waves crashing on shore is rythmic, mesmerizing and powerful all at the same time, the early morning sound of birds chirping beats an alarm clock everytime, condos with locally grown coffee for the coffee maker is a nice touch, buying the same brand of "organically grown" fruit juice that has no preservatives that I buy at home makes me wonder, finding the game results for 3 Stanely Cup playoff games crammed into 3 paragraphs on page 7 of the Honolulu Advertiser is unsurprising, buying another suitcase at mid vacation is scary, fresh locally caught swordfish steaks for about 3.00 each a pleasant surprise, roosters crow all day, the fish in the water here are more colourful than the aquarium at home - something about freedom, the view of the Waimea Canyon from the very top is inspiring, shave ice is fabulous, 10 hours of sleep is heaven, aloha shirts should only be worn in Hawaii and I'm going for a swim........

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