April 12, 2008


Hawaii truly is paradise!  

I find it interesting how my body, in addition to my mind, knows that I am coming here before I get on the plane.  I know that sounds strange to some of you but it is nonetheless, true.  Somehow I physically begin to anticipate the warmth and humidity and it shows up in stuffed sinuses and tightened joints in and around my neck. Magically, no matter how many hours on a plane or in airports - 13 this time - as soon as I step into the warm air, all of that disappears.  I know most of you have the same experience when you step into a tropical climate, but I wonder how many notice the anticipation your body goes through beforehand.
There is something pretty neat about barbecuing in the rain, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit and not having Eskimos run screaming into the night in fear of the great white shamu.  That was last night, tonite we will try a highly touted restaurant on Maui's west side and toast those left behind who encountered a snowstorm an hour after dropping us at the airport.
And the open air bar with the live band playing some seriously good 70's rock while we enjoyed a few local libations yesterday afternoon, wasn't half bad either.

Hang Loose!

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