April 14, 2008


be one with the board, not the bored

OK, so this surfing thing is a little tougher than those 20 - something's make it look.  Special thanks to Mike the teacher for recognizing that an aging hippy-wanna-be required a little extra attention to actually stand on the board - on top of the water.  Mission accomplished and yes, there is photographic evidence!  Same evidence will be posted soon after I have a nap or a beer, whichever makes most sense.  A  quart or so of aloe vera on my forehead might be a good idea too.

No Seniors tour surfing scouts were in attendance today, but the other 4 kids in my lesson group applauded my efforts when I finally got up - or were they just glad that they could finally get out of the water?  I'm thinking about a remedial class on Kauai next week.

Still hangin' loose and free on Maui.

Surfer Bob

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