December 24, 2008


I hope you will forgive an old cynic like myself for horning in on a Christian celebration but this is my favourite time of year. I will leave all the usual comments about religion, politics, economics, stupid drivers and any of those other rants that spring so easily to mind and simply say a big Merry Christmas to everyone within eye shot. Two things are roaming through the vastness of my consciousness this morning: one is that this is a time to be grateful and might be the perfect time (day even) to make a list of those things that I am grateful for - please join me. And the second thing is something that I am really, really grateful for - for those of you who don't live in this corner of the world, it may be hard to understand the power of a chinook, but this morning when I look into the sky, I see the beginnings of a chinook arch and the temperature has risen 5 degrees in the past half hour! Now, I'm really grateful for that.

Anyway, to each and everyone who is reading this today - may the spirit of the season bring peace, joy and love to each of you.


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