December 1, 2008


Stephen, may I call you Steve - no OK, Stephen, stop playing hopscotch with the country and start acting like the Prime Minister of all the people! I have been a supporter for a long time and most of the time you're right on the mark. These days you have decided to sink to the level of the competition with some petty politics and snide remarks. You are above that fer gawds sakes.

I urge you to take the high road ( leave the 30 million for a later date) and tell the public, in an honest and forthright manner why it is best to wait a bit longer before making stimulus promises rather than let them think that the opposition method of pissing in the dark is in our best interests.

As for that ticky-tacky trinity of testosterone-challenged toadies that masquerade as an opposition - you can't run your own parties in terms of elections or finances - why would we ever think you can run the country!

And I love the media comment about how a coalition government would have four wisemen to advise on financial matters. Whoever wrote that is either 15 years old or has had a frontal lobotomy to remove their memories of these "wiseguys" actual time in political leadership.

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