December 2, 2008


Just in case you think I was too harsh when commenting about the Perfect Storm in my previous blog, and just in case you think that I am blaming this mess on the PM, then let me be perfectly clear. Stephen opened the door to the possibility of a non-confidence vote that he could lose by sneaking in a clause to the financial update that would eliminate the government funding that flows to all political parties based on votes received in the last election. All three opposition parties are broke and this money is basically propping each of them up. When you back a political animal into a corner - what do you expect will happen? This whole mess is ALL about politics and the economy is a convenient whipping boy for the three stooges. Mostly I am just disappointed in our PM for allowing himself to be put in this situation where we are going to spend our energy and efforts fighting politics instead of solving the economic riddles. I was very confident after the election that we would be on sound economic and political footing. In absolutely no way do I think this joke of a coalition is the least bit capable of shepherding us through the economic maze.

Memo to the PM's office, the Governor General and all the media wags - GET US OUT OF THIS MESS AND GET ON WITH RUNNING THE COUNTRY THE WAY THE VOTERS WANTED!!!!

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