October 31, 2008


"just a little bit"

Aretha Franklin

For some time now, I have found myself getting concerned about the lack of courtesy evident in everyday living. From the grocery store to the mall, on the freeway or the hockey rink, in the airport and the office hallway there seems to be an ever-increasing disregard for common courtesy as people bump and jostle their way through the day without a thought for the space of anyone else. The only problem with these thoughts is that courtesy is an "effect" not a cause so there must be something deeper at play here and then it occurred to me while reading an article in the sports page about a young player is serious condition after being hit in an NHL game. We have lost touch with the need to treat each other with respect. I'm sure there are many causes including television, teaching, parenting and in particular watching the actions of sports and movie heroes. Whether in real life, or in a movie or game the "actors" are displaying a total disregard for the effect that they are having on their fans. This isn't true in every case because their are still some celebrities who display a genuine personality that shows they have the maturity to respect the rights of others. It would do us all well to support and hold up these people as the real heroes in life.

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