October 23, 2008


more answers in search of questions

Lunching with HJ is always a time of enlightenment, whether needed or not! Occasionally we create a topic of the day but most times we enter this hallowed space armed with nothing more than our deep convictions about how the world should operate. This intelligensia is free for the asking....if only someone would. Yesterday was no exception as we spouted forth on a wide variety of topics, all aimed at making the world a better place. So, I offer here a compendium of answers and you can play the Jeopardy Parlour Game by making up your own questions to go along with these highly researched and clarifying results:

answer # 1 - more sex - the attractive young lady at the buffet in the "one size too small blue jeans" was noted to be smiling in sympathy at the protestations of the two old farts at the table in the corner.

answer # 2 - cut spending - this applies to the excesses and extravagances of various wives and in no way should impinge upon the R & D budget required to continue these weekly lunch sessions.

answer # 3 - being right - especially important when one lives the philosophy of "zig when they zag."

answer # 4 - opinion masquerading as news - except at this corner table, of course.

answer # 5 - better is bigger - imagine the possibilities.

There you have it - the answers to this week's burning questions that imbibing minds want to know.

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