October 25, 2009


I am spending this weekend at a seminar called Book Publishing 2.0 and it is an incredible presentation full of outstanding content from some very successful and knowledgeable people. The main speaker, Mike Drew and his team have helped 60 authors put their books on the best sellers lists - amazing! I am learning about the promotion and marketing skills required to accomplish this feat.
In addition to the course content, I met a young man who has a very unique, Calgary based business, recycling lawnmowers. some of you may know that I got tired of pulling the chord over and over, filling with gas and all that other stuff and bought a push mower this summer. I'm not kidding, it's easier to push than the power mower. The starter spring broke on the old one and the young fellow that I met will take it, fix it and sell it, thus keeping it out of the landfill where I was going to take it this week. In case you interested in contacting him, here's his website, Jack S. Nice young kid getting a great education in free enterprise and business management - be nice to him, we may be working for him some day.

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks alot. I cant help but notice how the environment is being damaged so I do this not only to save the environment but , to save calgarians time, money and gas to go to the dump.
    With thanks,
    Jack Sedge