October 26, 2009


WOW That's the best I can come up with at 5AM. As my previous post mentioned, I spent the last 3 days at a seminar called Book Publishing 2.0 and my head is ready to explode. The sheer volume of freely shared information is mind blowing. If you ever see this program offered - take it! It doesn't matter if you are writing a book or not. If you have a business in today's world, the information and introduction to what is possible in terms of growing your company is worth 10X the cost of admission. I think they are planning another presentation in Utah in January. Beginning with the use of personality profiling to hyper focus your writing or marketing efforts and on to the incredible cyber world of today, this program is revolutionary. Revolutionary? Yes, the presenters spend no time selling their wares and all of their time (30+ hours) giving information, providing serious learning and practical application opportunities.
I must give a big "shout out" to the best personal coach in the land, Dawnie, for signing me up - thanks - the best weekend of info ever!
Who knew that geeks could be so much fun?
If you were at the event, post a comment.

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  1. I attended the event and would concur with you Bob... my brain is full and I'm exhausted from the sheer volume of content, learning and expansion of new information in my head. I highly recommend the course. I gained so much value and knowledge from it. The speakers brought to the event and the content delivered was amazing. Thank you to Michael Drew for attracting such thought leaders and putting this on. I went to gain knowledge on how to expand my business. I was not an author. So I too would recommend going if given the chance and would say you don't have to be an author or need to be writing a book to gain value. The knowledge of how social media and marketing on the web works in this "2.0" era was immeasurably valuable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!