January 21, 2009



"I'm OK and ... thanks."

Adoption is an issue that affects millions of North Americans but is probably one that very few people have ever thought about. Certain buzz words alert those who are involved in some way to information or people who have a connection to adoption. Words like "given up," girls who went away, illegitimate, relinquished, birth mother and another one or two that I have been called by people who probably didn't know the actual meaning of bastard. I always take that one as a compliment.
Anyway, to make a short story longer - a few years ago I decided to write some of my thoughts around adoption and it ended up taking the form of a letter to the birth mother that I have never met. This short book is almost ready for public consumption (although I'm still not sure if I am), the writing, editing, formatting and ISBNing are complete. The cover page, which is being done by a very good friend who is an artist, is almost complete. I have to do some techy, internetty, on-liney type stuff to get it to PayPal and then link it from my website, but soon - it will be available to download to your own computer and print.
I am not planning to print and distribute a hard copy of the book because I don't think there is a very big commercial market. I will let you know when it is actually available.

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