November 24, 2008


"he's making a list and checking it twice"

While our American friends are thinking about turkey day and Thanksgiving, here in the great white north, the retail sector has convinced us that we need to make all of those gift purchases before they run out of inventory. Ah yes, Christmas - putting up outdoor lights, buying more extension cords, bringing home poinsettias and hoping they don't freeze on the way to the car, wondering about real tree or artificial, should we switch to LED lighting inside and out, company Christmas parties, dinners with friends, who, what and where for Christmas dinner and then the biggest question of them all - to make a list, ask for a list or go without a safety net.
I seem to be surrounded by people who like Christmas gift lists, who keep asking what I want for Christmas and offering a list of what they would like in exchange. I don't get it! For me, I think the spirit of the season is in the search to find something for our loved ones that has real meaning. I totally dislike the idea of giving a gift to someone that comes from the "I need" list. If you need it - buy it yourself! I think a gift should be something you don't need but maybe want, or don't even know you want, instead. I think the giver should spend some time thinking about what would be meaningful, surprising, uplifting, heartfelt and reflective of the relationship that exists between the giver and receiver. I get a bit of a kick out of those people who bleat on and on about the true meaning of Christmas and then revert to a list to find the perfect gift. Huh???? How does that work?
Personally, I would rather have one small gift that the giver has spent some time considering and searching for (regardless of price) than a new shirt or even worse, gift card. If that's the best people can do, then just offer a card or note - that would be more meaningful. At least you would have spent a few minutes contemplating what to say.
So, I assume I'll be getting Christmas cards with a nice note this year. Works for me!

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