November 12, 2008


the movie and the battle

We spent yesterday afternoon at the movie which was very appropriate considering it was Remembrance Day in Canada and Veteran's Day in the U.S. Paaschendaele is a village in Belgium that was the scene of one of the many bloody battles of the First World War. The Canadian troops eventually managed to take the village (or what was left of it) after losing 16.000 men and after the troops of two other allied countries failed in their efforts.

The movie of the same name combines the battle with a story of love that is based on the true life of the grandfather of the movie's writer, director and producer, Paul Gross. Inspiring, poignant and incredibly appropriate as our thoughts turn to the young men and women that have once again been sent in ' harms way.' It is a time to remember, to be grateful and to point out the sacrifices required to enjoy the life we have. Thank you to Paul Gross for a movie that does all of that.

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