April 5, 2014


I suspect that we all have people in our lives that we wish we could spend more time with - my Aunt Mabel tops that list in my life. This is a woman of great intelligence, honour, compassion, spirituality, patience, humility, integrity, and quiet beauty. Her insight has influenced generations through example and prayer. She has chosen to express her gifts in a life of service to God and humanity by making our world a better place when she entered the convent.
At this time she is facing a health challenge that she meets with the same grace and calm that she has exhibited throughout her long and value driven life. Please take a moment to think about the Aunt Mabel's in your own life, and if you would, the Aunt Mabel in my life, who has spent her life praying for us. It's our turn to pray for her. Let's pray in the same spirit of hope and faith that she has brought to us.
Even though I cannot be with you physically, please know that I am always with you in spirit Aunt Mabel.

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