April 28, 2013


So, I was out raking the lawn today and when I am fighting the pain in my back which is rebelling against the pain in my wallet if I hired someone, weird things cross my mind. That's not the only time weird things cross my mind but it is the most recent.
I was thinking that if I won the lottery, I would not tell anyone for a week and in the meantime, send an email to family and friends inviting them to send me a cheque for any amount of money, and that I would return a cheque for double the amount within 30 days. No explanations - just trust me!
What do you think of that idea? Would you send a cheque based on faith and trust alone? Would you require some sort of guarantee, proof or explanation? If you decided to take the chance, how much would you send?
Like I said, weird things go through my mind - how about you? What would you do if you won a lottery? Anything as weird as that?

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