January 24, 2012


As you know, I hang out over at Book Mentor more than here but since this is more of a personal blog than a business one, it's one of the few ways I get to thank people. Sales of my three books have hit an all time high in January. No, I didn't make the New York Times list, nor is Oprah calling, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the 250% increase in sales over the previous three months - THANK YOU.
I suppose that one of the reasons is the increasing sales of e-readers and tablets, but that is also rubbing off in more sales of my first book, THE WEST COAST TRAIL: One Step at a Time.
Sales of MY SECRET MOTHER: an adoptee speaks to the girls who went away, continue to blow me away. Without any concerted marketing effort, people seem to be finding it and buying it. A friend told me a year ago that this book would be the one that might launch me as a bonafide writer, just because I was so reluctant to release it. I don't know if that is true but I do hope that people have found some comfort from it.
THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR: non-fiction book writing for busy people, is starting to get some traction and if I can get a few more comments from readers, I think it will begin to climb in sales, too. The neat thing is that Kindle sales represent about 60% of sales, but sales through Barnes and Noble and Apple are beginning to move up quickly.
It's a neat world, huh? I'm glad I'm around to witness the birth of an incredible upshot in communications - you too, I'll bet. More books, more authors, easier, faster and cheaper to find something to read. It's way better than reading the back of the Corn Flakes cereal box at the breakfast table when I was a kid.

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